Strength Training 101

Love working out at home? Let Pro Industries transform your fitness facility with custom weight room equipment that is built to last and to get the job done. Get your home gym set up with high-grade rubber gym flooring, and find essential weightlifting products like powdered or liquid chalk.

Dumbbells are safer than barbells in that they can push you to failure on most exercises without you having to worry about being crushed by a 250lb barbell. You can invest in a squat rack or weight bench as well to make the most out of these exercises. The G2 Home Gym provides a variety of total-body exercises in a space-saving design.

Olympic weight benches dumbbell benches, preacher curl benches and ab benches are worth discussing. If you're setting up a home gym the type of home weight lifting equipment you buy will be dependent on the amount of space you have available and your budget. The first year we were only able to purchase new bars for our weight room.

Weight lifting equipment comes in many forms, from free weights to home multi-gyms In fact, when it comes to strength training your choice of exercise equipment is endless. The restraining bars must be maximum two-hundred (200) mm high and maximum twohundred (200) mm wide.

If getting into shape and turning heads is on your agenda, then there is no substitute better than weightlifting exercises. Wrist and ankle weights add strength training to your walking, jogging, or running. Only barbells meeting IWF specifications and approval may be used in weightlifting competitions under its jurisdiction.

Home gym equipment is quite more info popular among the fitness freaks these days. If you fall under any of these categories, then it is time you try some of the best sports and fitness equipment. Some gyms also have things like racquetball courts, pools, or special rooms for things like express line” machine training, but these vary from gym to gym.

Build muscle, gain endurance and improve flexibility—all through the use of weight lifting equipment. His interests include his family, weightlifting, running, football, and baseball. Switch up your weight-training routine to maximize your results—rotate use of bars, bands, free weights and machines alongside your cardio conditioning to keep your workout fresh.

Our custom weight rooms are built for safe and effective strength training and conditioning, inspiring people to achieve their top form. Medicine balls are an excellent workout tool designed to strengthen your core, your arms and other parts of your body. Their slim design allows more weight to be added to the bar, and with just a 10-g weight-difference margin, these bumper plates are among the best Olympic weightlifting equipment for sale anywhere.

If you're looking to focus on a certain core set of muscles, these are perfect for locking in and pumping up. Weight benches are a must-have for any home fitness center, allowing you to leverage lifting bars, or just the power of gravity, to work any number of muscle sets.

Fitness Town carries a large selection of cardio equipment including treadmills, ellipticals, recumbent bikes, upright bikes, spin bikes, arc trainers, rowing machines and more at the best prices in Canada. Dumbbell Racks & Plate Trees: No home gym should be without a place to store your dumbbells or free weight plates.

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